01 Welcome to Bladesmith Barber College

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The Ivy League

Where Professional Barbering Begins

Bladesmith Barber College invites you to come in and experience our dedication to both the craft and professionalism of barbering. Students will learn to take pride in their work and the customer service provided to clients from the time they walk in until their desired service is complete.

02 Why Choose Us
02 Why Choose Us

Master Barbering

Cross Over

More Than Barbering Learn Career Success.

03 Services We Offer

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Learn and Grow

What We Offer

Bladesmith Barber College focuses not only on the art of barbering, but also on developing students who excel in providing great customer service, and who possess the work ethic necessary to become successful Barbers.

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our benefits

Benefits of being a student of Bladesmith Barber College, The Ivy League

At Bladesmith Barber College, we place an emphasis on developing artistic abilities and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit.

  1. Professional Learning Environment
  2. Unbelievable Hands-On Training
  3. Post Graduation Resources
  4. Emphasis on Professionalism

“The culture established at Bladesmith Barber College is unique and unmatched.”

D. Mitchell, Customer

“You guys constantly had our backs and made the school feel more welcome than some of our own homes. With that being said, I passed man!”

J. Trice, Former Student

Bladesmith Barber College has the ability to take someone from being a barber student to becoming a successful barbershop owner.

Howard The Barber, Former Student
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