Mission Statement

Bladesmith Barber College’s mission and purpose is to educate students in the barbering field with hands-on techniques, classroom theory, and professional development skills so that our graduates will be prepared to pass the barber exams and begin successful careers as licensed barbers.

Eligibility information

Students will need to apply in person by completing a pre-enrollment form or online by completing the interest form via our website. Prior to enrollment, the institution will provide prospective students with a copy of the student handbook and conduct an orientation where the handbook contents are discussed. This will assist the student in making an educated selection of the programs of study offered by this institution and being aware of the school’s program offerings, hours, and fees before submitting any payments and completing the enrollment form for a student permit.

Prospective students must be at least 17 years old at the time of enrollment;

A. Have a high school diploma or its equivalent, as evidenced by any of the items on the following non-exhaustive list: copy of high school transcript showing high school completion, a GED, state certification of home school completion, a certificate from a state-authorized high school equivalency examination showing a passing score, an academic transcript showing successful completion of at least a two-year program that is acceptable for full credit toward a bachelor’s degree, or a certificate of attainment (only applicable to non-Title IV recipients); or
B. Have evidence that verification of a foreign student’s high school diploma has been performed by an outside agency that is qualified to translate documents into English and to confirm the academic equivalence to a U.S. high school diploma; or
C. SECONDARY STUDENTS ONLY: Obtain written permission from the secondary school in which the student is enrolled and successfully complete a pre-enrollment evaluation, as established by the institution. Note: No more than 10% of the number of students enrolled can be secondary students.

Each student must also provide:
A. A valid copy of his/her driver’s license or government-issued photo ID (including passports). Secondary students with no ID may submit a valid birth certificate;
B. A copy of current social security card;
C. Proof of education from the list in item (B) above, or written permission as listed in item (D) above;
D. Signed Notice of Potential Ineligibility (provided by the school)

Program info/Curriculum

Course Description: Complete study of all areas of barbering and its related sciences

Textbooks: Milady’s Standard Barbering Textbook, Student Workbook for Milady Standard Barbering


1. To provide the students with knowledge of the sciences and skills to pass exams necessary to become skilled, licensed Barbers.
2. To provide the students with hands-on training and job-related skills necessary to succeed in the barbering industry.

Format Theory (lectures and discussion); Practical (demonstrations and hands-on practices) Some theory hours will be assigned online.

Evaluation: The student is evaluated daily throughout the course. Weekly quizzes and exams are given to help maintain the knowledge to ensure much success on the clinic floor and in the classroom. Practical applications will also be evaluated. Attendance will be evaluated at the end of each evaluation period.
Theory= 250 hours; Practical instruction= 750 hours

Theory topics: anatomy and physiology; disorders of the skin, scalp, hair, and nails; chemistry (hair coloring, chemical waving, and relaxing); bacteriology, sterilization and sanitation; safety, first aid, and sanitation; barber implements, tools, equipment and related theory; and history of barbering 150 hrs.

Practical applications: shaving; mustaches and beards; haircutting; hairstyling; hair and scalp treatments, scalp massage; safety, first aid, and sanitation; hair weaving, extensions, and wigs; face and neck massage and treatments; facial hair removal; manicuring; chemistry (hair coloring, chemical waving, and relaxing); and razor techniques, safety, first aid, and sanitation of 750 hrs.

Business basics: Texas barber laws and rules; customer service; barbershop management; professional ethics and image; safety, sanitation, related practices, and theory; and hygiene and good grooming of 100 hrs.
TOTAL 1,000

Course schedules


Class Start Date          Off/Closure Days Included                  Expected Grad Date                 Max Time Frame

Tue, Jan 2, 2024                    11                                             Tue, July 17, 2024                    Tue, Aug 6, 2024

Mon, Feb 5, 2024                  10                                             Mon, Aug 19, 2024                  Tue, Sept 10, 2024

Mon, Mar 4, 2024                 11                                             Tue, Sept 17, 2024                    Mon, Oct 7, 2024

Mon, April 1, 2024                11                                             Tue, Oct 15, 2024                     Mon, Nov 4, 2024

Wed, May 1, 2024                 11                                             Thur, Nov 14, 2024                   Tue, Dec 10, 2024

Mon, June 3, 2024                 13                                             Thur, Dec 19, 2024                   Fri, Jan 10, 2025

Mon, July 1, 2024                  17                                             Tue, Jan 21, 2025                      Mon, Feb 3, 2025

Mon, Aug 5, 2024                  16                                             Mon, Feb 24, 2025                   Mon, Mar 10, 2025

Tue, Sept 3, 2024                   15                                             Mon, Mar 24, 2025                  Tue, April 8, 2025

Tue, Oct 1, 2024                    16                                              Tue, April 22, 2025                  Tue, May 6, 2025

Wed, Nov 4, 2024                  15                                             Tue, May 27, 2025                   Mon, June 9, 2025

Mon, Dec 2, 2024                  14                                              Fri, June 20, 2025                    Mon, July 7, 2025


Class Start Date          Off/Closure Days Included                  Expected Grad Date                 Max Time Frame

Tue, Jan 2, 2024                      16                                          Mon, Dec 16, 2024                   Tue, Jan 21, 2025

Mon, Feb 5, 2024                   20                                          Thur, Jan 23, 2025                    Mon, Feb 24, 2025

Mon, Mar 4, 2024                   20                                         Thur, Feb 20, 2025                    Mon, Mar 24, 2025

Mon, April 1, 2024                  19                                         Wed, Mar 19, 2025                   Tue, April 22, 2025

Wed, May 1, 2024                   20                                         Mon, April 21, 2025                  Wed, May 21, 2025

Mon, Aug 5, 2024                   20                                          Thur, July 24, 2025                   Mon, Aug, 25, 2025

Tue, Sept 3, 2024                    19                                          Thur, Aug 21, 2025                  Tue, Sep 23, 2025

Tue, Oct 1, 2024                     20                                           Fri, Sep 19, 2025                      Wed, Oct 22, 2025

Wed, Nov 4, 2024                   20                                          Thur, Oct 23, 2025                   Mon, Nov 24, 2025

Mon, Dec 2, 2024                   17                                           Mon, Nov 17, 2025                 Wed, Dec 31, 2025

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